Signs of Stress – What you Should Know - 3 Check Lists

Liz Paolone is a speaker at our women in business conference on 9th June 2023.

Liz is a experienced EFT Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Reiki Master, offering courses on tools & techniques to manage stress effectively.

Liz will be taking a session at the conference on Stress Busting.

Here are her tips and things to look out of when looking for Signs of Stress.

A Little Bit of Stress in Our Lives is Fine

Stressors make us “do” things. An alarm clock is a stressor; it makes you get up in the morning. Feeling hungry is a stressor; it makes us eat. They can motivate us, keep us active, creative.

Without a certain number of stressors, life could be very dull, demotivating & boring.

It’s when the number of stressors become overwhelming & / or are particularly negative in their impact that we become “stressed”.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress arises when this pattern becomes relentless. It builds gradually; so gradually, in fact, that it can often become the norm & we can fail to recognise it.

This blog is offering you the opportunity to press pause & evaluate. Which of these symptoms of stress apply to you?

Still not sure? Ask a friend, relative or colleague; they can often see the subtle changes in our behaviour that we fail to recognise in ourselves.

No time to read the list right now? Maybe try the Quick Stress Test by clicking HERE

1. Circumstances that can predispose you to feeling stressed.

Change is something we can all struggle with. Our survival instinct drives us to look for predictability & certainty. Change offers potential for the opposite, which can feel threatening & cause us to feel stressed – even if it’s a potentially positive event.

Examples of Major Changes:


· Marriage

· New Baby

· Going on holiday

· New Job

· Moving house

· Retiring

· Going to university



· Divorce

· Break-up of a relationship

· Bereavement

· Loss of Job


Examples of Negative Chronic Stressors

· Disharmony in personal relationships

· Poor family dynamics

· Disagreements with relations, friends or colleagues

· Exam pressures

· Issues at work

· Overstretched at work & poorly supported

· Long-term health issues

· Overstretched at home & poorly supported

· Long-term carer & poorly supported

· Money worries

· Poverty

· Debt

· Poor housing

· Neighbour disputes

· Social isolation

· Living your life at odds with your moral compass

· Living your life at odds with or failing to fulfil your personal sense of purpose

These are simply examples & doing your own personal life audit may highlight others.

2. Physical signs of stress

How many of these do you recognise in yourself?

· Fatigue

· General aches & pains

· Frequent headaches

· Difficulty sleeping

· Tightness in the chest

· High blood pressure

· Nausea

· Dizziness

· Constipation, diarrhoea, or IBS

· Frequent indigestion or heartburn

· Excessive sweating

· Prone to illness & slow to heal

· Blurred vision

· Hair loss or premature greying

· Fertility issues

· Weight gain or loss

· Itchy skin (exacerbation of eczema or psoriasis)

3. Emotional & behavioural signs of stress

Are these ticking any boxes for you?

· Irritable & intolerant

· Brain fog – difficulty concentrating & focussing

· Feeling overwhelmed

· Memory issues

· Losing confidence

· Restless – struggle to relax

· Tearful

· Always worrying or feelings of impending doom

· Loss of libido

· Repetitive habits: teeth grinding, fingernail chewing, skin picking, hair pulling etc

· Compulsive habits: alcohol, smoking, drug taking, gambling, excessive shopping

· Overeating or loss of appetite

· Lacking motivation

· Withdrawing socially

· Panicky

If any items on the lists are resonating, please don’t be complacent. Find the solutions to the problems. They are out there.


Two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned have been:


It Doesn’t have to be That Way.

I firmly believe in seeking solutions to problems. Being complacent & just accepting bad circumstances is not an option that I’d advocate. Making changes may require tough, uncomfortable decisions. Accepting there might have to be a “leap of faith” is ok. Just ask yourself … Do I still want to be ticking these boxes in a year, 2 years etc?


Knowing isn’t Doing.

Like me, just because you may understand what’s going on with your stress responses & how to moderate them, you shouldn’t be complacent. Recognising & being mindful of your stress responses as they arise is vital for good stress management. Early intervention can make such a difference to your mental health & well being.

The treadmill of life can be running pretty quickly but it’s well to remember that you have a choice. It can control you, or you can control it!


Perhaps we could help you?

Stress Management is perfectly possible & we have some great, effective, clinically proven, easily learned tools & techniques to offer you.


What would you gain?

Feeling calmer, more focussed, more confident, better relationships, better health, HAPPIER.

Why wouldn’t you want that?

If you’ve recognised that you need to make changes then please check out how we can help you. You can even try a few things for free!


Liz has some Free Resources available: Click HERE

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