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There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Socially Shared network and we encourage our members to share what they know with others by blogging. We are also lucky enough to have an award winning resident blogger, the wonderful Shelley Wilson who regularly writes for us too.   

Delegation can be transformative for a business owner, and understanding the power of outsourcing elevates the productivity, growth, and success of your

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment When I was asked to speak at St Mary’s Guildhall for the Saluting Our Sisters event celebrating

Socially Shared Meet the Author Event Now in its third year, the Socially Shared Meet the Author Event is one of the

To be financially independent, you must cultivate a positive money mindset and invest in your future.

Networking memberships are an invaluable resource for women in business. Female entrepreneurs deal with many challenges, especially when working alone, but not every challenge needs to be handled solo. Working smarter, not harder, is the best way to build a thriving business while balancing work and home life. Being part of a network provides a supportive community and plenty of opportunities for growth, empowerment, and success.

Goal Road Mapping for Business Success Every business owner wants to succeed, and that desire propels you to achieve your dreams. However,

Seeking Advice: Unlocking the Power of Your Network for Female Business Owners Where do you turn as a business owner when you

Socially Shared Women’s in Business Network stands firmly behind the transformative power of collaboration and actively fosters its promotion within its vibrant

Studies have shown that over the summer period employee productivity decreases by 20% and work turnaround times increase by 13%. It is

The Law of Attraction is a methodology often overlooked when it comes to running a successful business. I’m sure most of you

Time is a precious resource, and maintaining a steady flow of fresh and inspiring content can be a challenge. As busy women

The Socially Shared Women in Business Conference was in full swing by lunchtime where the delegates enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by

The sun was shining on Ansty Hall Hotel in Coventry for the 5th Annual Women in Business Conference on Friday 9th June

With only a few days to go until the Socially Shared Women in Business Conference, the excitement is beginning to build.The complimentary

Retreating into your writers mindset can be an isolating experience and whilst we value every authors process in producing your book, we’re

The Power Within: Why personal power is essential for women’s mental health and wellbeing Clare Hopkins is a speaker at our women

Signs of Stress – What you Should Know – 3 Check Lists Liz Paolone is a speaker at our women in business

As we approach the 5th annual Socially Shared Women in Business Conference, it feels like the perfect time to talk about the

Business networks aren’t just for those who already have an up-and-running, successful business. Here at Socially Shared we understand the value of

Running a business requires dedication, motivation, and a positive mindset, but if you don’t embrace a growth mindset then you are at

Spring is a fabulous time of year for a combination of rest and rejuvenation, as well as turning over a new leaf

Increasing sales and growing your business yearly is the driving force behind every small business owner. To make a living while adding

Throughout social media today, women in business are constantly being bombarded with the message that they should be an independent one woman

Self-doubt kills more dreams for entrepreneurs than poor marketing or no return on investment. The definition of self-doubt is all about uncertainty

Public speaking either excites or terrifies us. Those entrepreneurs who stand up to give talks, speeches, or run events will reap the

Our fourth speaker of the day is Jo Roberts, a dealer of decorative artefacts and an artist. We are thrilled that Jo is joining us for the conference and we can’t wait to hear about her love of decorative arts and unusual items. Jo will be talking about pitching and negotiating, using her skills and experiences as one of the resident dealers on BBC’s The Bidding Room, where she battles it out with other dealers to buy items bought by the public.

The Power of Storytelling. In this interactive session, Jules will be covering why stories are such a powerful connector for us as humans, especially when it comes to sales and selling. Our physical reaction to the stories we hear has a huge impact on our behaviour as a consumer. Understanding this behaviour as a business owner is an important part of your sales strategy.

Getting Your Message Right Amy’s workshop will help you communicate effectively, and get your business brand and values across digitally with clarity and consistency. She will be talking about the practical side of getting your online message right by firstly understanding the journey your customer takes with you and recognising what message that customer needs to hear.

As always, our conference couldn’t go ahead without the amazing support of our headline sponsors, and this year we are thrilled to have three incredible businesses joining us. We will be introducing you to our sponsors and sharing more details about what to expect at the conference over the coming weeks. Headline Sponsor Alsters Kelley Solicitors Limited Alsters Kelley Solicitors Limited is a well-established, forward-thinking, equal opportunities firm. A team of specialist lawyers, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, focusing on a range of services for individuals. This covers everything from criminal litigation, conveyancing, wills, trusts, and estate planning, to more sensitive family and clinical negligence matters.

As always, our conference couldn’t go ahead without the amazing support of our headline sponsors, and this year we are thrilled to have three incredible businesses joining us. We will be introducing you to our sponsors and sharing more details about what to expect at the conference over the coming weeks. Headline Sponsor Cube Accounting Cube Accounting has a team of qualified and experienced professionals offering only the highest standard of work for their clients. Their range of services include payroll, annual compliance, bookkeeping, management accounts and reports, VAT and more. Business founder and senior accountant Anne Wordsworth has put together a team of amazing ladies who each bring something special to the world of accounts.

As always, our conference couldn’t go ahead without the amazing support of our headline sponsors, and this year we are thrilled to have three incredible businesses joining us. We will be introducing you to our sponsors and sharing more details about what to expect at the conference over the coming weeks. Headline Sponsor The HR Dept The HR Dept North Warwickshire, South Warwickshire, Rugby and Daventry provide HR services for support with employment contracts, managing disciplinaries, or anything else on your journey as an employer.

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of content you are expected to create as a small business owner? Do you struggle to think up original content for your email subscribers, social media audience, and blog readers? There is a vast amount of information to be found online about creating content. The sheer volume can leave your head spinning and your page blank. When faced with too many options it can cause you to panic, or worse, freeze and never write a word.

Our final speaker of the day is Minnie Von Mallinckrodt-Grant, a TEDx Speaker Coach, Author, and voiceover artist. As a TEDx speaker coach, Minnie has helped both novice and experienced speakers turn their big idea into a concise, punchy, TED-worthy talk and deliver it with authentic confidence. She has also helped them promote and market themselves and their talk from the moment they are announced as a speaker to after their video is launched.

Our third speaker of the day is Ellen Manning, journalist, and PR consultant. Ellen has more than a decade's experience in national, regional, and online media. As a freelance journalist, she writes news, features, and comment pieces for national newspapers and magazines on a wide range of subjects. After years of telling stories via print and online media, she established EMPR to help small businesses and organisations tell their own stories and get coverage in the media.

Our second speaker of the day is Adrianne Carter, The Face Whisperer.  Adrianne helps her clients create emotionally engaging visual content to increase sales by a minimum of 10%, guaranteed! She uses the Faceology process which optimises your key visuals to ensure they are consistent with and enhance messaging, creating greater emotional engagement with viewers and bringing in sales.

We all know that Google is the largest search engine available to us, holding that title for over ten years and racking

The day begins with refreshments and networking before we kick off with our amazing guest speakers. Our first speaker of the day is Marie Wicker, a leadership coach for women and teams. Over the last eight years, Marie has supported over 300 women in their careers, with over 50% achieving a promotion or changing their careers.

We often hear people saying ‘cash is king’ and ‘cash is the lifeblood of the business’ but how do you get more

You may associate endorsement marketing with the big celebrity names that act as the face of a brand you know well. Keira

Lots of people are given the advice to start a blog whether it’s to promote a business, a book or something else