Celebrating Success and Nurturing Self-Care in Business

Just About You Day | Socially Shared | The Cruicial Role of Personal Development for Women in Business

It’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate success as a business owner. Recognising your achievements and milestones helps you establish a growth mindset and build on the solid foundations you create. As we approach the end of January, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the start of the New Year and see if the goals […]

The Power of 90-Day Planning for Entrepreneurs

The power of 90-day planning for entreprenuers | socially shared

Creating a 90-day plan might feel like another task to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. However, using this structured approach to business and marketing planning enables you to grow your business, connect with your strategic vision, and create actionable steps. It also boosts your productivity and creativity. A 90-day plan is a roadmap […]

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment | Black History Month | Socially Shared

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment When I was asked to speak at St Mary’s Guildhall for the Saluting Our Sisters event celebrating Black History Month in October, it took me some time to decide what to talk about. Hosted by the amazing Sandra Godley, the event showcased music, creative arts, and incredible speakers focusing on […]

Socially Shared and Little PR RockMarketing Unite to Empower Women in Business through Collaborative Partnership

Karen Heap and Abbi Hoxleigh

Socially Shared Women’s in Business Network stands firmly behind the transformative power of collaboration and actively fosters its promotion within its vibrant community. The network’s founder, Karen Heap now announces a strategic collaboration with Little PR Rock Marketing Limited, an emerging PR agency, to amplify the reach and impact of Socially Shared’s upcoming events and […]

Time Management, It’s a Personality Thing

Time management is a topic that we have talked about on many occasions at Socially Shared. It’s one of those topics that even if you feel you manage your time effectively, there’s always something to learn and room for improvement. Over the years we have explored many time management tools; prioritising, batch working, planning, task […]