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Within the Socially Shared Business Support Network we have a growing number of women that have written books and either had them published or self-published their work.  Writing across a wide range of genres there really is something for everyone and we wanted to share this fabulous collection of books with you.  To make a purchase simply click on the book link and visit the authors website to buy your book. 

‘Tender and engrossing, this romance will touch your heart and make you smile' RACHEL HORE 'You’ll fall a lot in love with A Little in Love. Secrets, romance, escapism - yes please!' JULIET ASHTON 'A warm, delightful joy of a book' PATRICIA SCANLAN ‘Fun, fresh and full of fizz, I loved it!’ LAURA KEMP

Emma's brutal death at the hands of a vampire should have been the end, but a mysterious hooded stranger steps in, changing her life forever. Thrust into a war between the Immortal vampires and the half-blood rogues, Emma’s simple life begins to unravel as blood and secrets entwine to reveal a dark history and an even darker destiny. She’ll need to survive long enough to discover who she really is and which side she wants to be on.

Matt can't get over his guilt at the death of his young wife. It's broken him, and he's determined to protect his heart from falling in love again. He promises himself he'll never have another serious relationship. Rosie also knows the pain of losing someone she loves. But she's ready for a fresh start and her bubbly personality makes her the perfect choice to be the new nanny for Matt's son. As they get to know each other, Matt gradually opens up about his past. But it isn't until Rosie does the same that Matt questions if he's made the right decision to give up on love. Rosie wants to embrace life and her future, but is it too late for Matt to do the same? And can they both finally find happiness and heal all their broken pieces? A heart-warming, humorous love story set in the beautiful Cotswolds with an unexpected plot twist.

Discover the sets of tools that can support you in different scenarios, from hospital appointments to family events… and even pull out the tools that can help you ride the waves of a Global Pandemic. Crying, Guided Meditations, Drawing & saying YES are just a few that are working for Ali! Are you ready to discover even more tools for your Wellness Toolbox?

The Women’s Business Network Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur shares its members' experiences, stories, and expertise, covering topics from accounting, content marketing, and SEO to sales and technology and everything in between. Using their personal journeys, you will find valuable advice to help you focus on building the foundations of your business and future success.

An empowering and compassionate self-help book exploring the challenges we face with food, body image and striving to be the perfect size in today’s society. This guide offers the solution for serial dieters and emotional eaters to finally heal their relationship with food and with themselves. Jenny McDonald, also known as The Food Freedom Fairy®, draws inspiration not only from her personal journey but also from her extensive eighteen-year career as a weight loss coach. Through candidly sharing her own food-related challenges and the stories of her clients, she provides invaluable strategies and tools to dismantle the relentless cycle of yo-yo dieting.  

Is hitting a handsome professor with a vacuum cleaner a good way to start a new relationship? Em doesn't think so. But she's not looking for a new man, or is she? When Em discovers that her fiance's having an affair, she leaves her stressful call centre job, packs up her paints and easel and moves to the coast to build a better life on her own. But her new life becomes more complicated when a charming professor, Jack Carver, arrives for a holiday. Who is he avoiding? And what do Jack and Em have in common?  

Do you want to write a non-fiction book to boost your business but don’t know where to start? The Write Your Non-Fiction Book Planner was designed to guide you step-by-step through mapping out your book idea so it makes logical sense, creating your content list, and holding yourself accountable as you write.

Unleash the power of PR - Master the skills with this comprehensive how-to guide. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or simply looking to expand your knowledge, this gem of a book provides a wealth of practical advice and insider tips to help you navigate the complex world of public relations. Join the ranks of successful business owners who have harnessed the power of PR to transform their careers and lives. 

Finally free to be together on the remote Irish Isle of Innishmahon, campaigning journalist Marianne Coltrane and her movie star partner, Ryan O'Gorman ae looking forward to life away from the bright lights of Hollywood and the constant pursuit of the paparazzi, but they still have many challenges to face. She has to believe in love with every fibre of her being because if she cannot, it could mean not only the end of their relationship, but even life itself.

'Maeve Binchy meets Jackie Collins' in this unputdownable rollercoaster read, filled with action, adventure and romance. Following the acclaimed debut The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart is another exciting read. Laced with glamour and intrigue, this beguiling tale is filled with characters you'll love and laugh with all over again. Book 2 in the Heartfelt series.

The Hollow Heart is a modern, romantic adventure. Marianne Coltrane is a feisty, award-winning journalist who is far from lucky in love. Taking herself off to the wilds of the west of Ireland to recuperate, she literally runs into Ryan O’Gorman, the most conceited, infuriating man in the world. He’s an actor who’s just landed the biggest role in movie history and he loathes journalists. One thing they do have in common is they both think their chance of true love has passed them by…but fate has other ideas!

Family is everything… For years, Gemma has been running her late mother’s café with devotion, and when an opportunity comes to buy out her next-door neighbour and expand, she jumps at the chance. She knows she will do her mother proud – keep her legacy going strong – but deep down she knows there’s still something missing. But sometimes family are those you choose, or those who choose you! With a growing community of supporters cheering Gemma on, will she really spend the rest of her life alone? And with some new faces at her blossoming bistro, perhaps romance may also be on the cards?

I Wasn't Expecting That! covers everything from motivation, building confidence and overcoming your fears to bettering yourself in your career and personal life. Each chapter will empower, inspire and help you succeed, no matter what life throws at you. Janet Bridgwater is the founder of The Bridge to Success personal development membership programme, which supports and inspires people to cross the bridge from where they are now to where they deserve to be.

Take 2 – Directing Your Best Life takes you on a simple but fascinating journey into how the mind works, and how we can ‘re-programme’ it to work for us and not against us.

Challenging the misconceptions of severe mental illness, this rare mother-daughter bond pulls us into the turmoil inside Bernadette's mind and reveals a brighter world through her eyes.

Little Unicorn watches as a mysterious egg starts to crack. A baby dinosaur hatches- she is hungry and lost. So, the Little Unicorn helps her to find some food meeting other dinosaurs along the way.  

A mysterious star appears in the dark night sky and the Little Unicorn wants to know why. With the help of his friends; a sheep, a camel and a donkey, they follow the star and arrive at a humble stable discovering a miraculous birth.

What's Your Name? Little Unicorn does not know his name. Join Little Unicorn in his quest to find his name whilst learning his days of the week and seven new colours. A children's storybook suitable for 2 years - 7 years and for unicorn lovers old and new.

It is the second book of the Unfrozen series, Ladey and Abbirose Adey connect pictures, quotes, scripture and devotionals ready for reflections, relaxing and rejoicing by colourists of all ages.

IS YOUR HEART FROZEN WITH FEAR? Life has a way of creating disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement. Left unchecked, these stresses can freeze out your potential and sideline you spiritually. But reversing these effects is possible. God knocks on the door of your heart, inviting you to step into His warming light. By melting your hurts and heartache He promises true healing.

Ladey Adey, UK's most experienced networker and pioneer of online networking, unlocks critical business secrets.

· How do you become successful using Online Networking post-Covid-19?

· Discover the secret strategies that all but guarantee your success.

· Understand the differences from 'in-person' networking - and it's not just technology!

· Know your Ideal Client and Avator· Measure Your Networking Activity with the Balanced Business Networking Scorecard

· Perfect your Elevator Pitch

Do you:

- Feel mentally and physically lethargic and feel you’ve lost your mojo? - Struggle to find time to do the things you enjoy doing? - Find yourself catering to everyone else and have no time for your own needs? - Want to have time to focus on yourself and not feel guilty? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then this book is for you.

The Happy Me Project is 60 short chapters of straight-to-the-point advice, structured for our time-poor modern world, and packed with practical tips on ways to fill your life with more joy. Whatever you're facing, this book is for you, and Holly will be cheering you along every step of the way.

Taylia is divided by civil war. Lady Helena von Vagna's brother has gambled most of her family's fortune away and it is rumoured he has helped the rebels. Her fiancé has deserted her and she toils to save her family farm. She has no desire to be intimate with any man, particularly the odious, domineering, provoking Militia man, Officer Peter Denman who saved her when she her coach was being attacked by bandits.

Two people on opposite sides of a civil war. Frances Dreda is an officer in the Taylian State Security Bureau who enforces obedience to the law by the deterrent of prison and the noose. He investigates the activities of the outspoken and intellectual Lady Felea Whelani who he suspects aids the rebels by codebreaking and feeding and educating their children.

Romance, suspense and crime. A chase down Mammoth Mountain and a race through the desert to protect baby Grace from her enemies.

He's saved her life. He's falling for her. But she's a killer. When FBI agent Mike Collins fishes an escaped murderess who claims to be suffering amnesia out of the sea, he is puzzled. A model prisoner, why did she escape when her parole hearing was so close? Who was the man who impersonated an assistant D.A. when he visited her in hospital?

What attracts the hunter to these young women? In a quiet tourist resort, a killer is hunting vulnerable young women and murdering them. A body part is taken each time. Dr. Darrell Defoe, a profiler and former marine, and Dr. Kate Masters, a forensic scientist, try to find the link connecting these very different young women and their fatal attraction to the murderer. Red herrings are left by the highly intelligent killer to try to foil them as they try to trace him.

Polly lives in suburban Britain in relative affluence, Kabita in the foothills of the Himalayas in comparative poverty. When the car in which their husbands are travelling plummets down a ravine the women’s lives become entwined.

Song in the Key of Madeleine is the story of the relationship between Madeleine and Shibu: two individuals from socially and culturally very different backgrounds.

They meet when Shibu moves into Madeleine’s house as her lodger. From the start it is clear they are attracted to each other, and soon they begin an affair. Before long, however, their burgeoning relationship is tarnished, as Shibu’s religious beliefs and cultural expectations begin to clash with Madeleine’s troubled past.

What's it all about... this crazy thing called life and how can we make the most of it?

One woman answers these big questions, as she takes a voyage through the past, the present, the players, and the ponderings of her life - sending love letters back to them all along the way.

Amanda Harris presents her inspiring autobiography. Travel with her as she shares her life experiences from diagnosis of a visual impairment, at only a few weeks old, to becoming a successful business owner and motivational speaker. An honest, moving and funny story highlighting the transformation from the only disabled child in the playground to a strong independent woman.

Escape from fear is a fast-paced romantic suspense thriller that weaves drama, excitement, grit, raw emotions, and mystery. It features a feisty heroine and a charming but ruthless former SEAL determined to protect the woman he loves.

While many scoff at witchcraft and sorcery, Josse and Leonné have witnessed it firsthand. Thrown together by prophesy they must learn to wield their secret magic, to defend not only themselves but the kingdom of mortals. Wraiths, known as Drackarts, do the bidding of Guiscard D’Abernon and his sorceress wife, Orella, but the masters behind these puppets are the ones set on its destruction.

Filled with tried and tested tips, and practical, usable resources for every area of a business’ operations, this book is the user guide SMEs need to navigate the new commercial landscape.

The Good Friday Agreement was drawn up in 1998 and nearly 100 terrorists had their past 'cleansed', but not everyone received a 'comfort letter'. Some former IRA members had been hung out to dry, and they resorted to a life of crime to make ends meet.

With shocking events in danger of being exposed and lives at risk, can Dan keep his promise to protect Shady Fields and the spies who’ve given so much in the service of their country?

There is much to love in this delightfully witty anthology. There is a smooth mix of fiction and reflections. Family, love, loyalty and hope mingled with loss, envy, and revenge, all woven together in a captivating look at the sometimes odd absurdities of human nature.

Warwickshire, often known as Shakespeare’s County, has a host of strange and mysterious tales ranging from ancient legends and stories of the supernatural to more modern documented cases.

How far would you go to win the house of your dreams? Could you, would you, lie to your family? Marry a man you didn't love? What if someone had to die? Travel back to Edwardian England...A house, an inheritance and two women. But is it murder? ... A house, an inheritance and two women. But is it murder?

Elise couldn’t love Joel more. He’s in her heart, on her mind, and when he leaves on a journalistic assignment embedded within the US Military, he’s in her dreams.

The danger doesn’t stop at Joel’s feet, it begins in Elise’s subconscious.