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Socially Shared Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help, if you have any further questions please contact us

A: We are a business support network and we hold sociable meetings where women can come along, enhance their knowledge and meet other small business owners.

The main difference is that it is a time for you to stop working in the business and for you to focus on the business.  Each session has an opportunity to learn or enhance your knowledge of a particular business topic and also gain advice and guidance from others.  There is of course some time for networking too.

With each of our network meetings including a mini workshop we are quite unique and offer more than simply networking.

A: At each session you will get a handout about the particular topic that we are exploring.  That handout is yours to make notes on and to then take back to your business to action and, or keep for reference.

We also have a promotional table where you can display your business cards and browse those of other people too.  At the end of each meeting we pack up the business cards and then they travel with us to the other networks, helping to further promote your business.

You have the opportunity to meet other like minded people, build business relationships and potentially new customers or clients. 

A: Each session is based around a particular theme or topic and all are chosen by the group collectively.  While there are no set business pitches, you can promote your business by sharing your knowledge, understanding and contributing to the discussions.  

We do also have an area at each meeting for you to display, business cards, flyers and other promotional materials you may have for your business.  These travel with us across the networks, helping you to further raise the profile of your business.

During each network session there is also the opportunity for you to promote any events that you are hosting or attending.  You can also list these on our website for free here.

A: Not at all, Socially Shared is ideal for people thinking of starting a business too, as you can hear first hand from owners and get lots of hints, tips and contacts.

We also have some businesses that send members of staff to our network meetings, as it is a great way for people to keep their business knowledge up to date and to learn new things.

A: Yes at the beginning and end of each session there is a short time for you to network with the other women in the group.  We do not have a strict 60 second pitch or formal presentations about our own businesses, we just simply introduce ourselves.  We do also share information with each other at the end of each session that others may find useful e.g. local events and workshops etc.

Q: Can I invite other businesses to attend?

A: Yes, Socially Shared is an open network for any women who want to attend.  It is important to us that we are an inclusive group where people can come along when they have the time and it suits them.  


If you join the session via our Facebook Page you can then invite your own contacts to attend through the event too.

A: We do have a membership club, but you do not have to be a member to attend our network meetings.


Our membership club does though however, offer excellent value for money at only £99 a year and includes; discounted network meeting fees, members badge & folder, additional online resources, online business listing, offers and much more.  For more information why not have a chat with any of our Associates at your next network meeting or you can join here. 

A: No, we believe that every business is unique and we can learn alot from each other. Collaboration not competition.

A: It’s £12 for non-members and only £8 for members.


A: We host our meetings at venues where refreshments are available, but we do not include refreshments in the price of our regular meetings.

A: Our regular meetings last for approximately 2 hours.  We tend to have an hour of networking and an hour where we have a speaker / learning opportunity.

A: If you have booked for one of our regular networking events and cannot attend we are not able to offer a refund but we will always send you a digital copy of the handout for that particular meeting.  We do have cancellation policies for our special events and they will be noted in the event description.