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It’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate success as a business owner. Recognising your achievements and milestones helps you establish a growth mindset and build on the solid foundations you create.

As we approach the end of January, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the start of the New Year and see if the goals you created for yourself or the intentions you set still resonate and how often you paused to celebrate.

Celebrating success as women in business

Here at Socially Shared, we actively encourage and support face-to-face gatherings where you can connect in person, support one another, have some fun, and gather as a team.

Our annual Just About You Day is a winner every year, with members and non-members alike joining together for a wonderful day of learning, acknowledging accomplishments, networking, and reinforcing those all-important connections.

What else can you do to celebrate success as a business owner?

Rewards – if you feel motivated by treats, then book yourself a back massage or reflexology session when you hit your goals. When you reach your targets, treat yourself to a lovely meal out or a weekend away. Rewarding yourself can be a lovely way to acknowledge your successes, even if it’s having a coffee and catching up with a friend.

Embrace social media – you might be sick and fed up with social media by now, but using your platforms to publicly acknowledge your success can build credibility for you and your business as well as inspire others.

Reflect – celebrating success is more meaningful when you can clearly see what worked and what didn’t work as well. There are lessons to learn in your highs and your lows. Reflect on your business journey, set new goals, and outline your plan for the next quarter.

Celebrating your success goes hand in hand with nurturing self-care and taking time out.

Invest – most women in business never rest. They succeed in their goals and start setting new intentions before they’ve had a chance to celebrate. However, investing in your personal or professional development can be the perfect way to celebrate. Book a workshop that enhances your skills and contributes to your long-term success.

Just About You Event Review

Just About You Day | Socially Shared | The Cruicial Role of Personal Development for Women in Business

Attending events for women in business that focus on personal development creates an atmosphere of empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. That’s why we love putting on our Just About You days every January.

These events allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and hear success stories that empower and motivate you to reach new heights. Our 2024 keynote speakers provided insights and inspiration that ignited fresh ideas for life and business.

SPEAKER 1: Award-winning, best-selling author Jenny McDonald shared an introduction to energy alignment and how to release blocks and beliefs using energy kinesiology. The attendees embraced this activity with excellent results. Jenny also shared her daily alignment practice enabling everyone in the room to align to the life they want in 2024.

SPEAKER 2: Beth Taylor, Founder of The Oracle Club, helped us define our intuition and how to explore it. Tapping into your intuition can be both insightful and a great guide in life. Everyone loved getting to grips with dowsing and understanding more about the gifts we hold within us.

We had a lot of fun at this event building relationships, embracing opportunities, and exploring exciting collaborations. The encouraging environment inspired us to dream big and pursue our goals.

To help with 2024 goal setting, the attendees were able to choose between two super workshops running throughout the afternoon.

WORKSHOP 1: Vision Board Workshop

Some of our ladies gave themselves the gift of time to create their vision board for 2024 with Shelley Wilson, a self-help author and writing mentor.

A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to be, do, or have in your life. Your personal vision is only limited by the extent of your own creativity. This workshop was all about creating a board in a fun and sociable way and learning how to manifest dreams into reality.

WORKSHOP 2: Life Goal Mapping

Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner, Taruna Chauhan guided another group of ladies to create their own life goal map. This included a blend of visual and written goal mapping techniques to navigate and achieve your goals.

The Maker’s Space – We were all blown away by the venue and impeccable service from the team at The Maker’s Space, Longbarn Village, Alcester. Jules and her team provided a stunning space, amazing food, and attentive service throughout the day. If you’re looking for a beautiful rural venue for your event, check out The Maker’s Space.

The Makers Space | Just About You Day | Socially Shared

Personal development is the secret ingredient for a fulfilling and successful business. When you prioritise your self-care and invest in your personal growth, you enhance your skills and nurture your confidence and resilience.

The Just About You Day is just one of the events in the Socially Shared calendar that provides a safe space for you to focus on your needs. Our attendees left feeling empowered and inspired as well as making those important connections.

As women in business, nurturing your personal development isn’t a ‘nice to do’; it’s an investment in yourself, your success, and your overall wellbeing.

When you take the time and make an effort, you can watch yourself flourish in both your personal and professional life.

[Photographs taken by Sally Crane]

Self-care in business

During your reflection exercise, be sure to reflect on the positive experiences you’ve had, as well as your accomplishments. When you cultivate a positive mindset, you enhance your resilience.

Let’s explore some of the self-care techniques you can incorporate.

Prioritise your self-care by adding time into your busy schedule just for you. Whether that’s time to meditate, walk, read, or watch movies, it’s essential that you fill your cup.

Disconnecting and unplugging from work allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends, engage in fun activities, and relax and unwind.

Don’t forget to set those boundaries and say no! Put your out-of-office on and stick to it. Don’t overcommit to social activities if you would rather stay at home. Balance the time you spend on work projects with family fun so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Start planning for the months ahead. Look at your business holistically and see where you might need to outsource, set new goals, tweak old goals, and establish processes to help your business run more efficiently.

Let Socially Shared support you in the year ahead.

Our affordable annual membership is £99 and includes many benefits to help your business thrive. Find out more via our website.

The membership includes:

  • Online Business Surgery
  • Members-only free events
  • Online business listing
  • 2 free guest passes
  • Discounted tickets
  • Unlimited event listings
  • Guest blog opportunities
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Social events

The Socially Shared Network is a wonderful community of women in business providing support and guidance to all of its members and visitors alike. The Conferences are fantastic and always jam-packed with amazing speakers, lots of learning and fun, plus networking. I’d thoroughly recommend anyone get involved! I’ve met some amazing ladies, had the opportunity to speak and gained some new clients too. Karen is wonderful – and a great connector and generally lovely lady. Together with her team, they have created something very special with Socially Shared, so check it out!” Marie Wicker, Certanovo Coaching and Development for Female Leaders

Join us at any of our networking events across the region:

  • Daventry
  • Solihull
  • Rugby
  • Hinckley & Burbage
  • Ashby-do-la-Zouch
  • Kenilworth
  • Stratford
  • Coventry
  • Tamworth & Lichfield
  • North Warwickshire

The guest speakers are booked to cover the topics you, our audience, want to learn more about. From understanding your ideal client to goal mapping, and planning your social media content to mindset tools, there is something for everyone.

I’ve been a Socially Shared member for around six months now and from the moment I started going (as a visitor initially), I couldn’t have felt more welcome – such a supportive and uplifting group of talented women. The sessions cover a range of topics so, alongside the networking opportunities, you always learn something new.” Anna Lewin.

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