There are many perks of being a Socially Shared Member, and the team work hard behind the scenes to ensure you don’t miss out on these bonuses. One such opportunity is to write a guest post for us. We’ve had great feedback from those members who have contributed to the blog, and we want to ensure you all get the same chance to promote your business.


  • Guest blogging helps you grow your social media following – if the audience relates to the content they will share it across their platforms, and this invites new followers.

  • You can raise awareness for your brand – show people what you do and how you can help them.

  • Piggyback SEO benefits – all our guest posts include a backlink to your website making your content more discoverable through Socially Shared Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Build audience trust – become the go-to authority for your industry by sharing good quality content that helps your audience see you as the person to turn to for answers.

  • Expand your personal connections – we all know that people buy from people. By guest blogging, you are engaging in a wider community.

  • Business opportunities – we all need to pay the bills so when we create any content be it for our own platforms or as a guest we are doing so to create business opportunities. It only takes one client/customer to read your post and feel motivated to email or call for more information.


What to Write:

How-to posts.

How-to posts are incredibly popular. Think about all the times you’ve typed a question into Google! If you’re a florist, you could share helpful tips on how to choose the perfect bouquet for a wedding. A beauty therapist might include a pre-work or post-work skincare routine. A virtual assistant could impart their wisdom on how to de-clutter your desk to optimise organisation.

Solve a problem.

What do your clients/customers ask you about the most? Think about routine questions and create a blog post about solving the problem. Some Socially Shared members were unsure about guest blogging, so we created this post ‘Benefits of Guest Blogging.’

Share news.

Won an award? Been nominated for something exciting? Create content about your achievements and link it to why you were nominated/won and what you did to make a difference and be recognised.


A fabulous way to introduce you and your business is to take part in an interview. Guest posts don’t have to be blocks of written text. Shake it up and create a Parkinson style post with a series of questions about your business. If this style appeals to you, then get in touch with our resident blogger, Shelley Wilson who can provide questions for you.


Be yourself! If you have a funny anecdote about your business, then turn it into humorous content and make your audience laugh. Get the happy hormones moving, and you’ll be remembered forever.

Take full advantage of your Socially Shared membership and write that guest post today. There are hundreds of potential clients waiting to read it.

Email Karen or Becky at to book your guest spot.

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