It doesn’t matter if you’re a start up or a seasoned business owner, sometimes our branding can do with a bit of a boost. After all, it’s the first line of communication with our customers and potential clients, and it’s so important to get it right.

A branding toolkit consists of many assets, not just a logo. We’re talking fonts, colour palettes, photography, illustrations, videos, copywriting, signage and even brand mascots. Most new businesses get themselves a logo, pick out some colours and a font then get on with it. But they’re missing out on some great opportunities to boost their brand and stand out in a crowded market place.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

The Power of a Strong Theme

Having a strong theme for your brand is a great way to pull everything together and make your business more memorable. A great example of this is Spaghetti Agency and their ‘wild west’ theme. They’re a digital marketing agency who took the idea of the internet being like the wild west and ran with it – they wear cowboy hats, they run a ‘social saloon’ and their clients even send them amazing cactus-shaped presents!

Using One Idea in Multiple Ways

Boosting your branding may sound like hard work, but all you really need is one good creative idea. For example, I worked on a marketing event with a winter sports theme, with the tagline ‘are you up for the challenge?’ The main creative was a photograph of a mountain climber about to reach the summit. We Photo shopped a logo onto his backpack, played around with the colours to match the brand’s palette and voila! We had an image we could use on websites, emails, flyers, and signage for the event.


Brand Mascots

Many SMEs overlook the potential of mascots, believing they’re only for the ‘big boys’. It’s true that brand mascots are used to great effect by businesses from every sector, from the Andrex puppy to Alexandra the meercat. But is there a reason why smaller businesses can’t use them too? Mascots are a great way to simply and quickly communicate your brand’s personality and value, and, like themes, they are very memorable. How many of us call English Sheepdogs ‘Dulux dogs’? Imagine the amount of free brand awareness Dulux gets from that!

Is it time for a brand refresh?

Even the most established companies have refreshed their branding many times over the years. Some, like Coca-Cola, have made subtle tweaks to their logo. Others, like PG Tips, have had to totally rethink their approach. The dressed-up chimps used in their old adverts would be a PR nightmare these days, but by updating to a cruelty-free knitted version they’ve cleverly kept the mascot but lost the controversy.

If you’re thinking of a brand refresh, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I want my business to be perceived by others?

  • Are there elements of my existing brand that I want to keep?

  • What is my company’s personality?

  • Would a theme or a mascot work for my audience and help me stand out from the competition?

So there you have it: four simple ways to boost your branding toolkit. Why not give one of them a try?

Blog Post Author | Michelle Abrahall

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