The Power of Networking: Support for Women in Business

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Networking memberships are an invaluable resource for women in business. Female entrepreneurs deal with many challenges, especially when working alone, but not every challenge needs to be handled solo. 


Working smarter, not harder, is the best way to build a thriving business while balancing work and home life. 


Being part of a network provides a supportive community and plenty of opportunities for growth, empowerment, and success.


Benefits of Networking Membership


Business networking is an important part of your entrepreneurial journey. You can still benefit from the community even if you haven’t yet launched your business. However, if you want to grow, learn, and find encouragement, joining a membership will provide much more than you hoped for.


Learning and development – not only do our members learn from the guest speakers who join our monthly sessions, but they also learn from each other. Joining a network like Socially Shared means connecting with a community of like-minded women who share your ambitions. There is always plenty of advice, encouragement, and a true sense of belonging. 


Guidance and friendship – the network attracts experts from all industries, providing you with guidance on a vast array of subjects. On top of the mentorship, our members create lasting friendships that grow beyond the monthly networking events.


“Always a great opportunity for learning something new and networking with a great group of ladies from diverse backgrounds, experience and interests. Membership is excellent value for lots of benefits and reductions, open to all, at any session at numerous locations. Highly recommend coming along to meet a very friendly set of ladies.  Joanna Theobald, Institute of Historic Building Conservation


Opportunities – networking can lead to rewarding business opportunities. Many of our members have collaborated on super projects, built partnerships and loyalty, attracted referrals and valuable connections, and boosted their visibility, growth, and ROI.


Visibility – by being an active member of the network, you significantly boost the visibility of your business. Our Area Hosts reach out to members first and foremost when looking for speakers. If you want to attract more opportunities to be visible, regularly attending the sessions, online business surgery, larger events, and free members meet up keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s not only our Area Hosts who are looking for visible connections. Many members need Podcast guests, judges, guest blogs, and more. 

Support for Women in Business


One of the most important aspects of being part of a networking membership is the amount of support you receive from the community. 


When women support each other, amazing things happen! 


By nurturing the relationships you build, encouraging collaboration, championing diversity, and breaking down the barriers as women in business, you receive the support you deserve.


Think about the inspiring women in your network. Take a moment to let them know how much you appreciate them and their support. Tag them in your social media posts and share their achievements.


Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another; we’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” Serena Williams


Here at Socially Shared, that support comes in many ways:


  • Face-to-face events across Warwickshire, the West Midlands, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, and Northamptonshire. Feel the energy in the room at our in person events. Enjoy a coffee, conversation, and a learning opportunity via our guest speakers.
  • Monthly online business surgery with industry experts covering a wide range of business topics through a live Q&A.
  • Blog posts and learning resources to tap into. 
  • Special events such as our annual Women in Business Conference and Just About You days.
  • Sharing books by local female authors and supporting the talent within the network.
  • Saving you money on events.


Tips for Maximising Your Network Membership


Actively engaging with your network is a wonderful way to maximise your networking potential. Being part of the monthly sessions and special events provides plenty of opportunities to contribute, but how else can you maximise your membership?


Goal setting – before joining any membership, define your networking goals. What do you hope to achieve with this network? Are you actively looking for opportunities to grow, be visible, learn, and engage? How will you track your ROI? The cost of membership with Socially Shared is affordable and packed with value. How important is that to you?  


Build relationships – the people you meet are at the core of networking. Meeting, engaging, and investing time in building relationships will reap many rewards. The stronger your relationships, the more likely you are to convert these into leads or collaborations.


Give something back – remember to focus on what you can provide the network as much as what you can gain. You become a pivotal part of the network and build a solid reputation by offering your guidance, knowledge, resources, and support. 


Networking memberships are a game-changer for women in business. The knowledge, support, learning, and opportunities they provide are invaluable to your entrepreneurial journey. 


Your network is your net worth! With the right community and support you will thrive.

Women supporting each other
Feel Supported in Your Business with Socially Shared


Interested in joining the Socially Shared Women’s Business Support Network? Our affordable annual membership is £99 and includes many benefits to help your business thrive. Find out more via our website


What does the membership include?


  • Online Business Surgery
  • Members-only free events
  • Online business listing
  • 2 free guest passes
  • Discounted tickets 
  • Unlimited event listings
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Speaking opportunities


By far the best networking group I’ve been to. Expertly organised, incredibly friendly group with genuine support and the leaders are very well connected in the local business world with heaps of experience. Socially Shared is totally different from other networking groups I’ve attended; its whole ethos centres around LEARNING while networking and each session has a themed business topic like ‘knowing your customer’ ‘blog writing’ ‘time management’ etc. which are really useful with a handy worksheet with all the tips to take away.” – Stephanie Rix, Life’s Work Consulting

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