Membership Focus: Cost Savings

Membership Focus: Cost Savings | Socially Shared

Discover one of the many benefits of our Socially Shared membership: cost savings. Whether you are an aspiring business owner or an established business, you will understand the importance of networking and building supportive connections. For many, especially those managing a smaller budget, the cost of growing your business network can feel overwhelming.  This is […]

The Power of Effective Branding for Your Business

The Power of Effective Branding | Socially Shared

Your brand is so much more than a logo or a colour scheme. Branding for your business is at the very core of your business identity. When running a small business, it’s important to understand the power of effective branding. When you harness that power it becomes the key to unlocking business growth and also […]

Socially Shared Introduces NEW Areas and Area Hosts

Socially Shared Area Hosts

The Socially Shared Women’s Business Network is nine years old this month and continues to grow from strength to strength. Our network’s founder, Karen Heap, has built twelve areas with dedicated hosts who deliver the same professional and friendly standards you expect from a Socially Shared networking event. As each group grows in size and […]

Membership Focus: Business Growth with a Guest Pass

Membership Focus | Free Guest Passes

One of the many hidden gems of the Socially Shared membership is the ability to focus on your business growth whilst inviting colleagues and collaborators to experience the network for free. Two free guest passes might seem like a small perk. However, they hold the potential to unlock a host of opportunities for both you […]

Membership Focus: Unlocking Success with Free Events

Socially Shared Members Meet Up | Membership Focus | Astley Book Farm

Membership in any women’s business networking group allows you to tap into an abundance of resources, collaboration, success, and community support. Female entrepreneurs working together offer more than simple networking opportunities. You get to elevate your personal and professional growth as a team and embrace empowerment.  At Socially Shared, we focus on collaboration over competition […]

Understanding Your Ideal Client in Business

Understanding Your Ideal Client in Business

Business success isn’t all about the products or services you provide; it’s also about the ideal client you work with. As women in business, understanding the importance of identifying and connecting with your ideal client is essential for your business growth. Knowing your ideal client impacts everything from what you offer and how you deliver […]

Celebrating Success and Nurturing Self-Care in Business

Just About You Day | Socially Shared | The Cruicial Role of Personal Development for Women in Business

It’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate success as a business owner. Recognising your achievements and milestones helps you establish a growth mindset and build on the solid foundations you create. As we approach the end of January, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the start of the New Year and see if the goals […]

The Power of 90-Day Planning for Entrepreneurs

The power of 90-day planning for entreprenuers | socially shared

Creating a 90-day plan might feel like another task to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. However, using this structured approach to business and marketing planning enables you to grow your business, connect with your strategic vision, and create actionable steps. It also boosts your productivity and creativity. A 90-day plan is a roadmap […]

The Power of Outsourcing to Elevate Your Business

The Power of Outsourcing in Business | Socially Shared

Delegation can be transformative for a business owner, and understanding the power of outsourcing elevates the productivity, growth, and success of your business. As a business owner, wearing multiple hats is normal. You often have to manage every department from content creation to sales, and accounting to stock control. With this overwhelming workload come the […]

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment | Black History Month | Socially Shared

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment When I was asked to speak at St Mary’s Guildhall for the Saluting Our Sisters event celebrating Black History Month in October, it took me some time to decide what to talk about. Hosted by the amazing Sandra Godley, the event showcased music, creative arts, and incredible speakers focusing on […]