Membership in any women’s business networking group allows you to tap into an abundance of resources, collaboration, success, and community support.

Female entrepreneurs working together offer more than simple networking opportunities. You get to elevate your personal and professional growth as a team and embrace empowerment. 

At Socially Shared, we focus on collaboration over competition and ensure that all our members receive the best attention, support, and community they deserve.

The value of membership

Our point of difference is the opportunity to join our monthly networking sessions, larger events, and social activities without becoming a member. However, we have found that the value we offer the ladies who do sign up as members is far too good to miss!

One of the biggest benefits our members talk about is the diverse selection of free events we provide throughout the year to encourage business growth, resilience, personal development, and connection.

These events include online workshops, face-to-face sessions, and insightful panel discussions. Members participating in these events gain valuable knowledge, learn from industry experts, and build lasting relationships with other members.

Free online events – when the world changed overnight in Covid and you had to learn how to run your businesses beyond geographical borders, online events helped you build those connections. In 2020, we launched our Cuppa and Catch-up weekly sessions that were free to attend but acted as a sanity check for many of the ladies within our community.

Understanding the value online events had back then, the Socially Shared team opted to include more digital sessions going forward to meet the needs of our audience – you!

As a member, you have free access to a host of industry experts and local authors.

  • Online Business Surgery: 

For many businesses, there will come a time when a question or situation will arise, and you need to seek expertise and guidance for the answer. However, advice can be costly, so our online business surgery makes this more easily accessible.

At these events you can ask questions to a panel of experts and get the answers that are going to make a difference to the progress and success of your business.

The panel of experts, which will vary for each event (professionals from within our membership), will take your questions and share their expertise and top tips.

Our experts have included Vicki Lovegrove – Creative Confidence Coach & Graphic & Brand Designer at Seventy-Three Design. Wendy Brown – Business Adviser at Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce & Retailer at The Giftbox Crew, and Róisín Ní Chonghaile – Chartered Financial Adviser at True Potential Wealth Management.

  • Online Meet the Author: 

Bi-monthly, our members can gain free access to our Meet the Author online events to enjoy our Q&A panel with novelists and non-fiction writers from across the region. A wonderful way to support the talented female authors in our online bookshop and within the community, as well as find your next favourite read! 

  • Maximising your membership:

How often do you join a membership because of all the benefits to you and your business but, over time, forget what those benefits are? That’s why we offer an online session once a quarter to remind you of all the amazing advantages of being a member of Socially Shared.

Free face-to-face events – while we understand the convenience of digital platforms, Socially Shared members thrive on building genuine connections and meaningful relationships. To encourage this, we offer a quarterly Members Meet-Up event at different regional hospitality venues. These free events allow members, new and old, to come together, connect, and socialise in a relaxed and engaging environment.

Our next members’ meet-up is on Monday, 19th February, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Solihull.

Speaking opportunities – visibility for your business is a key factor when joining any networking group. At Socially Shared, our Area Hosts tap into the member directory to find speakers for their monthly events.

With thirteen networking events across the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, our members are well-placed to provide workshop content and promote their services or products. 

Our members are also the first to be invited to give keynote addresses at our larger events, such as the annual Women in Business Conference, Just About You Day, and Meet the Author Social. 

Embrace your membership

The benefits of being a member of Socially Shared extend far beyond professional networking. Membership represents a journey of empowerment and continued learning. Through all these free events and opportunities, members get to unlock their full potential, help their businesses thrive, and lift one another up.

The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do – women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticising one another.” Amal Clooney

Joining the Socially Shared community isn’t just about belonging; it’s about belonging to something greater than yourself. 

Collaboration over competition is at the core of Socially Shared, and this is evident in the amazing Great Women in Business Meetup on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2024, where four networks will come together to support and encourage all women in business. 

Feel Supported in Your Business with Socially Shared

Interested in joining the Socially Shared Women’s Business Support Network? Our affordable annual membership is £99 and includes many other benefits to help your business thrive. Find out more via our website

What does the membership include?

  • Free Entry to Online Business Surgery events
  • Exclusive members-only free events
  • Online business listing
  • 2 free guest passes
  • Discounted tickets 
  • Unlimited event listings
  • Guest blog opportunities
  • Quarterly member’s newsletter
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Social events

Always a great opportunity for learning something new and networking with a great group of ladies from diverse backgrounds, experience and interests. Membership is excellent value at only £8.25 a month for lots of benefits and reductions but open to all to any session at numerous locations. Highly recommend coming along to meet a very friendly set of ladies.” Joanna Theobald

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