Every business, big or small, uses social media in one way or another. Whether that’s to let their customers know where they are, advertise their goods and services, or to engage with clients across the globe.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Pinterest has become the customary marketing method for driving sales and awareness.

As a new business, you may believe it necessary to set yourself up on every social media platform available. After all, the larger the reach, the more customers, right? Before you overwhelm yourself with an abundance of accounts that no business owner could maintain, think about these simple questions:

  • Where are my ideal customers?

  • How can I reach them?

  • What do I need to tell them?

  • Is there anything that could help me spread the word?

By understanding where your target audience spends their online time, you’ll be able to occupy the same virtual space making it easier for your business to be discovered. If your customers are on Facebook, you wouldn’t need to spend hours marketing your goods and services on Twitter. If your clients’ network on LinkedIn, you’ll be wasting valuable time sharing your business on Instagram.

Once you’ve figured out where they are, you can put a social media marketing strategy in place which allows you to map out the sales route your potential customers will take – why do they need you, who are they, and how are you going to supply them with what they want?

Putting a campaign together allows you to present your ideal client with a focused message about your services. Your social media presence needs to be all about your customer and how you can make life better or easier for them. Bombarding your audience with sales pitch after sales pitch isn’t the answer, you need a more subtle approach that includes quality content and positive engagement.

Working ON the business is just as important as working IN the business but are there any tools that can help you maintain the social media side of things? Fortunately, there are platforms specifically designed to take the pressure off your online commitments. Hootsuite and Buffer are two popular social media management tools. Within the Socially Shared Business Support Network there is also a range of social media management companies eager to help.

Knowing the right questions to ask, finding the support you need online, and understanding how the algorithms work on your targeted social media platforms makes it easier to navigate your sales and marketing campaigns. But what questions do you need to ask?

Here is a selection that you may find yourself asking:

What kind of content should I share?

How often should I post?

How do I get more engagement?

What time should I post?

How can I boost my SEO?

Should I create video content?

How do you use LinkedIn?

Is Twitter easy to use?

Do I need to blog?

How do I drive traffic to my platforms?

The Socially Shared Network are delighted to have Kate and Emma from Piece of Cake Marketing on board to run the Social Media Question Time session in October. This event is perfect for anyone with a question about social media, regardless of your level of knowledge or ability, and will include top tips for social media success.

Can’t make the session? Join in the conversation via our Facebook page and share a question you would like to ask, and we’ll provide the answers on our social media platforms.

Find out more about our hosts: Piece of Cake Marketing are a fun, friendly and creative marketing agency. They can help your business to reach your customers’ through imaginative branding and marketing, engaging content and the latest social media strategies. They’ll bring the ideas and the cake, and you bring the tea bags. With over ten years of experience in both social media and traditional marketing, Kate and Emma know how to engage with customers and get the right results for your business. They are customer focused and engage with their customers to understand their needs and what they’re interested in. They believe in effective marketing and social media advertising meaning better results for your business.

EVENT: Social Media Question Time. Tuesday 15th October 10.30am – 12.30pm at the Clarendon Arms, 44 Castle Hill, Kenilworth, CV8 1NB. Grab your ticket for this popular event HERE.

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