Here at the Socially Shared Business Support Network, we are busy celebrating our fifth birthday as a networking group supporting women in business across the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

What started as a few business owners meeting for coffee has now grown to incorporate 1000+ women attending monthly sessions in Kenilworth, Stratford, Solihull, Coventry, Alcester and Rugby. The network has evolved to include our popular events such as the Just About You day in January and our annual headline event Women in Business Conference.

As the network has developed, founder Karen Heap has introduced Associate Members who host monthly sessions and help with the running of the group. By inviting these ladies on board, she has not only helped Socially Shared to thrive but also boosted the profile of many small businesses. Collaboration and positive connections are what gives Socially Shared the family feel it’s famous for.

Five years is a long time in the life of any small business, but do we take the time to stop and appreciate our milestones? Have you been trading for a full year? Did you smash your sales target in the last quarter? Where you nominated for a business award? There are so many aspects of our business that are worthy of a celebration.

As small business owners, we tend to ‘keep going’ rather than take the time to stop and check-in with our achievements. However, there are benefits to taking time to celebrate that can help boost your profile:

  • Trust – when you share your successes via your social media platforms, blog, or via press releases, etc, your customers/clients can see that you are someone to be trusted.

  • Planning – success in one area of your business may prompt you to set further goals and evolve that part of the business. It can help you mould your company to fit your customers’ needs and raise awareness.

Now that you appreciate the advantages of recognising your milestones, let’s think about how you can mark the occasion.

Here are a few of the Socially Shared teams’ favourite ways to celebrate:

  • Stationery! Who doesn’t love a shiny new notebook, folder, pen, pack of highlighters, oh, the list is endless. Reaching a milestone in your business doesn’t have to be about big expensive celebrations. Sometimes, a small treat can go a long way, and just think of the business ideas you could record in your new notepad.

  • Attending a Socially Shared session. As a solopreneur, we all understand how lonely business life can get sometimes. That support and inspiration we crave are what the Socially Shared network is all about, so next time you have something to celebrate, make sure you shout about it with like-minded women.

  • Updating your CV. The virtual assistants in the group will agree with this one. Just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean you can’t update your CV with new accomplishments, awards and milestones. Having a fresh copy means you’ll be able to pass it on to any potential clients/award programmes and it will feel great to add those celebrations to the growing list.

  • Spa day! You knew one of us would add this in didn’t you. Budget and time allowing,there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off and celebrating in a ‘me time’ way. The Just About You events teach us the importance of personal development as well as professional development, so next time you reach a milestone, win a big contract, sell 100 products or bag an award consider treating yourself to a spa day.

We would love you to share your success stories with us over on the Socially SharedSocially Shared Facebook Group or at one of our monthly sessions.


If you would like to find out more about Socially Shared or join us for one of our sessions, please take a look at the website for event dates and contact details. Our sessions run between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm and include social networking and a learning opportunity by way of a mini workshop on a wide range of business related topics chosen by our visitors and members.

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