As women in business, most of us struggle to write about ourselves and because of this fear, we focus our attention on writing generic pages about our services and products rather than who we are and why we do what we do.

An About Us page, for example, can be the hardest thing to write as it feels pushy and self-absorbed. However, feeling like this can prevent you from promoting yourself and your business accurately to your potential customers.

Focus on the facts, figures and accomplishments and ask yourself a question:

  • What problems do I solve for my customers?

Use simple language to describe how you do this and why you’re the best person to deliver this service or product. The best way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry or help potential clients decide you’re the best choice is to be yourself. People buy from people.

Question: Why do people visit your website?

Try thinking about your website as a dating profile. A potential client (your perfect match/target audience) wants to see if you’re compatible and if they can work with you. They want to know about your values and interests. Just like a dating profile, your site delivers similar insightful information.

“New client seeks small business for a lasting relationship.”

Your website pages are where you can share your uniqueness. What makes your business so special? Why should that new client choose you above everyone else?

The importance of regular updates.

Content is key to driving traffic and customers to your website, just like keywords are valuable for SEO. Updating your site regularly counts towards fresh content.

Let’s think about this from a unique perspective. What if your website was a horse? You need to look after that horse; feed it, groom it, pamper it and ride it. Your website is the same – it’s a living entity. It needs new content (food), regular updates (grooming), to be maintained (pampered) and shared (ridden/used). If you left a horse in a field with no food or attention…well, it wouldn’t end well, would it!

When was the last time you checked over your services page, the home page, contact form, testimonial page? What about your social media bios? Allow an hour or two a month to tweak your website pages. Take out any redundant services or products. Check the link to your contact form still works. Set up a newsletter sign-up page. Do you have up to date photos you could upload, content that needs refreshing or social media links that have disconnected and need to be updated?

By taking an hour a month out of your diary to maintain and update your website pages will not only keep your site looking fresh but it will show the algorithms that you are active on your pages and worthy of an audience.

What should you include on your site?

Break your website content down to Who, Why, What, When and How (and also Where).

WHO are you and WHY do you do what you do?

WHAT can you offer that will help your potential customer?

WHEN will you be able to offer this help/advice/product and HOW do you deliver?

WHERE are you (location)?

Never stop refreshing your content.

Although most of our pages might be static, they should evolve alongside your business. Think of it as a work in progress. If you re-train, gain a new qualification, rebrand your business/industry, open in a new location or win awards then you should update your pages straight away.

Awards, certifications and accreditations are important, sometimes! Only refer to them if they make sense. I wouldn’t add a ‘Best Line Dancer Award’ to an accountancy firm about us page or a ‘Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner Certificate’ to a Holistic Spa site! Think before you share – is this valuable content for my client?




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