Meet the Authors Behind the Books at our Virtual Author Event

Meet the Author Online | Socially Shared | Kim Nash | Shelley Wilson

Calling all bookworms and reading enthusiasts! If you are passionate about books and love to know where the inspiration behind your favourite books comes from, enjoy unravelling the mysteries of non-fiction, or simply want to find out more about the writing processes of creative minds, then join us at our virtual Meet the Author Event. […]

Socially Shared Introduces NEW Areas and Area Hosts

Socially Shared Area Hosts

The Socially Shared Women’s Business Network is nine years old this month and continues to grow from strength to strength. Our network’s founder, Karen Heap, has built twelve areas with dedicated hosts who deliver the same professional and friendly standards you expect from a Socially Shared networking event. As each group grows in size and […]

Author and Reader Events Coming in 2024

Author and Readers Events in 2024 with Socially Shared

As the Socially Shared network grows, our Area Hosts are finding more and more women in business joining the monthly sessions who are authors and avid readers.  Our Meet the Author event, held annually in October, attracts authors from across the region to share their books, network with other authors, and meet and greet readers […]

Celebrating Success and Nurturing Self-Care in Business

Just About You Day | Socially Shared | The Cruicial Role of Personal Development for Women in Business

It’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate success as a business owner. Recognising your achievements and milestones helps you establish a growth mindset and build on the solid foundations you create. As we approach the end of January, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the start of the New Year and see if the goals […]

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment | Black History Month | Socially Shared

Saluting Our Sisters Through Empowerment When I was asked to speak at St Mary’s Guildhall for the Saluting Our Sisters event celebrating Black History Month in October, it took me some time to decide what to talk about. Hosted by the amazing Sandra Godley, the event showcased music, creative arts, and incredible speakers focusing on […]

Author Event: Meet Inspiring Local Female Authors

Socially Shared | Meet the Author Event

Socially Shared Meet the Author Event Now in its third year, the Socially Shared Meet the Author Event is one of the many highlights on the network’s calendar. Over the years, we have found more ladies attending our events who have written one or more books. Often, they have done this behind the scenes and […]

The Power of Networking: Support for Women in Business

Socially Shared Meeting

Networking memberships are an invaluable resource for women in business. Female entrepreneurs deal with many challenges, especially when working alone, but not every challenge needs to be handled solo.

Working smarter, not harder, is the best way to build a thriving business while balancing work and home life.

Being part of a network provides a supportive community and plenty of opportunities for growth, empowerment, and success.

Seeking Advice: Unlocking the Power of Your Network for Female Business Owners

New Socially Shared Online Business Surgery Event

Seeking Advice: Unlocking the Power of Your Network for Female Business Owners Where do you turn as a business owner when you need advice? Being a female entrepreneur is as rewarding as it is challenging. You are responsible for every element of your business, from managing finances and preparing marketing strategies to keeping up-to-date with […]

Socially Shared and Little PR RockMarketing Unite to Empower Women in Business through Collaborative Partnership

Karen Heap and Abbi Hoxleigh

Socially Shared Women’s in Business Network stands firmly behind the transformative power of collaboration and actively fosters its promotion within its vibrant community. The network’s founder, Karen Heap now announces a strategic collaboration with Little PR Rock Marketing Limited, an emerging PR agency, to amplify the reach and impact of Socially Shared’s upcoming events and […]

Event Review: Socially Shared Women in Business Conference 2023 (Part 2)

Karen Heap hosting Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference 2023

The Socially Shared Women in Business Conference was in full swing by lunchtime where the delegates enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the staff of Ansty Hall, Coventry. You can read Part 1 of the Conference Event Review HERE. Returning to their seats, the audience eagerly awaited the line-up of expert speakers who would entertain […]