Creating Content with Chat GPT for Women in Business

Creating Content with Chat GPT

Time is a precious resource, and maintaining a steady flow of fresh and inspiring content can be a challenge. As busy women in business, it’s essential to find and use innovative solutions that can help you stay productive, organised, and motivated. That’s where Chat GPT comes in. This AI language model is designed to assist […]

Socially Shared’s Community For Writers and Authors

Socially Shared's community for writers and authors

Retreating into your writers mindset can be an isolating experience and whilst we value every authors process in producing your book, we’re here to make it easier for you! Having a community to support you is important no matter what but with Socially Shared’s network full of fantastic writers, illustrators and authors, it could be […]

Women in Business Conference Speaker: Clare Hopkins – Why personal power is essential

5th Annual Conference, Women in Business Education,Employment, Socially Shared 2023

The Power Within: Why personal power is essential for women’s mental health and wellbeing Clare Hopkins is a speaker at our women in business conference on 9th June 2023. Clare is a Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach, she works with individuals, mainly with women, helping them to start prioritising their needs as part of sustainable improvements to […]

Women in Business Conference Speaker: Liz Paolone – Signs of Stress

5th Annual Conference, Women in Business Education,Employment, Socially Shared 2023

Signs of Stress – What you Should Know – 3 Check Lists Liz Paolone is a speaker at our women in business conference on 9th June 2023. Liz is a experienced EFT Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Reiki Master, offering courses on tools & techniques to manage stress effectively. Liz will be taking a session at the […]

Women in Business Conference: Network Benefits

As we approach the 5th annual Socially Shared Women in Business Conference, it feels like the perfect time to talk about the many benefits of being part of a thriving network. As a solopreneur, it can feel like you’re navigating the business world alone. Being an active part of a local network can be incredibly […]

No Business? No Problem! How a Business Network can support anyone

No business? No problem! Socially Shared blog

Business networks aren’t just for those who already have an up-and-running, successful business. Here at Socially Shared we understand the value of simply learning from others as as a key basic of business. Our business support network operates to connect women in business together and help you create a fabulous list of contacts but still […]

<strong>How to Overcome Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur</strong>

Young woman experiencing self-doubt

Self-doubt kills more dreams for entrepreneurs than poor marketing or no return on investment. The definition of self-doubt is all about uncertainty and when those self-critical thoughts, beliefs, and emotions creep in it can harm your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you trust in yourself to make decisions and take the required actions […]

Email Marketing for Small Business: Our Top Content Creation Tips

Socially Shared | Email Marketing for Small Business | Our Content Creation Tips |

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of content you are expected to create as a small business owner? Do you struggle to think up original content for your email subscribers, social media audience, and blog readers?

There is a vast amount of information to be found online about creating content. The sheer volume can leave your head spinning and your page blank. When faced with too many options it can cause you to panic, or worse, freeze and never write a word.

What is Google Workspace and How Can it Help my Small Business?

We all know that Google is the largest search engine available to us, holding that title for over ten years and racking up just over 85% of search market shares. However, there is so much more to Google than searches and emails. The versatility of this platform can’t be overlooked when running a small business. […]