Socially Shared Business Book Recommendations

Socially Shared's Book Recommendations

Staying ahead in business often requires continuous learning and adaptability. Among the resources available to female entrepreneurs are business books written by other women. These titles are more than just a collection of strategies or stories. They allow you to step into the minds of successful business leaders and experts in their fields. Why should […]

Meet the Authors Behind the Books at our Virtual Author Event

Meet the Author Online | Socially Shared | Kim Nash | Shelley Wilson

Calling all bookworms and reading enthusiasts! If you are passionate about books and love to know where the inspiration behind your favourite books comes from, enjoy unravelling the mysteries of non-fiction, or simply want to find out more about the writing processes of creative minds, then join us at our virtual Meet the Author Event. […]

Socially Shared Book Recommendations: Spring Reads

Socially Shared's Book Recommendations

As we begin to see the vibrant colours of spring all around us, there’s something inviting about settling down with a good book. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect season to indulge in the pleasures of reading. The Socially Shared online bookshop has a super selection of […]

Author and Reader Events Coming in 2024

Author and Readers Events in 2024 with Socially Shared

As the Socially Shared network grows, our Area Hosts are finding more and more women in business joining the monthly sessions who are authors and avid readers.  Our Meet the Author event, held annually in October, attracts authors from across the region to share their books, network with other authors, and meet and greet readers […]

Author Event: Meet Inspiring Local Female Authors

Socially Shared | Meet the Author Event

Socially Shared Meet the Author Event Now in its third year, the Socially Shared Meet the Author Event is one of the many highlights on the network’s calendar. Over the years, we have found more ladies attending our events who have written one or more books. Often, they have done this behind the scenes and […]

Socially Shared Book Recommendations: Self-Help Summer

Studies have shown that over the summer period employee productivity decreases by 20% and work turnaround times increase by 13%. It is no surprise that when the summer sun comes out we would much prefer to log off and get outside instead. Whilst rest is always important, here at Socially Shared we have found a […]

Socially Shared’s Community For Writers and Authors

Socially Shared's community for writers and authors

Retreating into your writers mindset can be an isolating experience and whilst we value every authors process in producing your book, we’re here to make it easier for you! Having a community to support you is important no matter what but with Socially Shared’s network full of fantastic writers, illustrators and authors, it could be […]

Socially Shared’s Book Recommendations: Spring Reads

Socially Shared's Book Recommendations

Spring is a fabulous time of year for a combination of rest and rejuvenation, as well as turning over a new leaf and clearing out all those bad habits and useless clutter. A spring clean of the mind and body is vital but have you considered a refresh of your bookshelf? It can be more […]

Our Socially Shared Book Authors (Outstanding Women in Business)

Our Socially Shared Book Authors (Oustanding Women in Business)

With Christmas on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the gifts you want to buy (and receive). Here at Socially Shared, we want to shop local and support the fabulous array of businesses in our community. To kick off our shopping list, we’re going to turn to the Socially Shared Bookshop […]