Your words not only reflect your business brand, but they also inspire action. As an entrepreneur, you will know how challenging it can be to stand out from the crowd. What if you could be guided through the nuances of crafting copy that connects and converts?

Mastering the art of good copywriting is essential whether you are a new business start-up or in the growth stages.

What is copywriting?

In simple terms, copywriting is the art of putting one word after another. However, when we dig deeper, it’s much more about creating messages that resonate with your ideal client and push them into action.

Your copy is your brand’s voice, including any text on your website, the emails you send to your subscriber list and clients, and the messages in your advertising or marketing materials.

The words you write for your blog posts, articles, and social media content are known as content writing, which is slightly different. Your content is more focused on providing your audience with value rather than selling directly to them.

What about AI?

AI tools such as ChatGPT have become invaluable for helping with all your writing processes. These tools can help you generate ideas, structure content, and even boost your productivity. However, working with AI is always better than letting it write for you. 

Your written copy needs to have your unique voice and personality. AI creates bland copy losing any personal touch. Use AI to strengthen your voice but always remember to stay true to who you are and the language you use.

Top tips for perfect writing

To help you elevate your writing, we’ve put together our favourite copywriting tips:

Who are you writing for? – know your audience and understand who you are writing for. This is the first step to creating effective copy. When you tailor your tone of voice, message, and language to meet the needs of your target audience, you will resonate with them and build trust and loyalty. 

Be clear – when you are writing for the right audience, it’s always best to remember that less is more. Stay concise with your words and keep your messages clear and to the point. When you use short, snappy sentences, your audience is more likely to understand you and act on your words.

Use verbs – if you want your audience to take inspired action you first have to inspire them! Using action-oriented language helps. Build in a sense of urgency to your copy. Using phrases like ‘get started’, or ‘join today’ are more compelling than using passive phrases. Help your clients be enthusiastic about working with you.

It’s all about the benefits – remember to talk about what your product or service does to help your ideal client. Focusing on the benefits is much more effective than listing features. Remember to tell a story and explain the features in such a way that it encourages your clients to buy from you. Your target audience wants to know that working with you will make a big difference to their lives.

Review and refine – getting your copywriting done takes time and practice. Keep trying different ways of writing your copy. Think about the language you use. What would resonate best with your audience? Test it, review it, and then refine it. Never be afraid to ask for feedback and use this to refine again. 

Create a strong call to action – to get your target audience to take action, you need to make sure you’ve given them a good reason to act. Having a strong call to action is essential. Without it, your copy is a waste of words. A CTA (call to action) can be as simple as ‘sign up for our free webinar’ or ‘join our Facebook group’. 

Be yourself – once upon a time the SEO (search engine optimisation) algorithms favoured keywords. This meant that any copy written for a website or marketing campaign only needed the right words in the right placement to hit the top spot on a Google search. Today, the algorithms are looking for conversations and value over a sales pitch. Write your copy as if you were writing to a friend!

The ultimate goal of your writing should be to connect with your ideal client. Think of it as building a community rather than a client list. When you craft good copy, you create the know, like, and trust elements that turn your target audience into loyal cheerleaders. 

Every word is an opportunity to share your passion and drive for your business, products, or services. Use them wisely.

Are you ready for a crash course in writing words that inspire action?

Putting together the right words to build your brand can be tricky. Making sure that your message is engaging can make all the difference in your business.

Find out more about copywriting and how you can build a loyal community using words that connect.

This crash course in writing will walk you through:

  • The difference between copy and content
  • How to make the most of AI
  • Top 5 Tips to perfect your copywriting

Join us on Wednesday, June 5th, for the Socially Shared Hinckley session. Our guest speaker, Candice Goulding, is a copywriter who will help you write your own copy.

Tickets are available here:!event/2024/6/5/socially-shared-hinckley-burbage-write-words-that-inspire-action 

Join us for a super day at our 6th Women in Business Conference on 7th June.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Business… It’s Personal,’ which explores how our values, relationships, communication, and behaviour form the foundations of our businesses and careers. The saying ‘It’s nothing personal; it’s simply business’ is outdated and one that is most definitely not needed to realise true success. 

The speakers for our 2024 conference have been handpicked for their knowledge and expertise, each bringing a different perspective to our theme. There will be lots of interesting and inspiring information shared. Some talks will be interactive, all delivered with enthusiasm, and some fun will be thrown in for good measure! 

The day will provide plenty of opportunities for connecting and networking, with a welcome drinks reception upon arrival, mid-morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, and a delicious networking lunch. All this and free on-site parking are included in the price of the ticket. 

Find out more and buy your ticket here:!event/2024/6/7/socially-shared-6th-annual-women-in-business-conference 

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Whether you’re just starting out, or an established business, the learning and support that Karen and her team provide is amazing. The networking is great and there’s a variety of events, which means there is always something new to learn from the fabulous speakers. I love being a member of Socially Shared and would highly recommend a visit.” Sandra Garlick MBE, Woman Who Academy  

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