What is Google Workspace and How Can it Help my Small Business?

We all know that Google is the largest search engine available to us, holding that title for over ten years and racking up just over 85% of search market shares. However, there is so much more to Google than searches and emails. The versatility of this platform can’t be overlooked when running a small business. […]

Women in Business Conference: Meet our Speaker Marie Wicker

Women in Business Conference 2022 | Marie Wicker Speaker

The day begins with refreshments and networking before we kick off with our amazing guest speakers.

Our first speaker of the day is Marie Wicker, a leadership coach for women and teams. Over the last eight years, Marie has supported over 300 women in their careers, with over 50% achieving a promotion or changing their careers.

7 Steps For Improving Your Cash Flow

We often hear people saying ‘cash is king’ and ‘cash is the lifeblood of the business’ but how do you get more cash into the business and improve your cash flow? These things are not talked about as much and so we thought it would be useful to list our top seven steps for improving […]

Eight Great Reasons to Blog

Lots of people are given the advice to start a blog whether it’s to promote a business, a book or something else because it can be an effective way to reach out to people, keep them engaged around what you’re doing and sell more. But is it right for you? To help you decide, here […]

Sales and Selling

Sales and selling seem to be words that generate a bit of an involuntary shudder response for most small business owners. No one seems to like selling and for many it is their least favourite aspect of running their own business. They feel icky about the very idea, worried about seeming pushy or manipulative. I […]

Just About You 2020

One of the exciting highlights of the Socially Shared Business Development calendar is our annual Just About You event. There’s nothing better in the middle of a gloomy January than taking time out to look after your personal development. The event provides a guilt free day of networking, learning, and self-care with like-minded ladies from […]

Women in Business Conference 2019

Our Women in Business Conference is the highlight of the Socially Shared calendar, and the excitement builds as soon as the date is released. Now in its third year, the conference offers attendees a day of inspirational speakers, networking opportunities, and a variety of workshops aimed at business development. From the laughter and conversation that […]