The Socially Shared Women in Business Conference was in full swing by lunchtime where the delegates enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the staff of Ansty Hall, Coventry. You can read Part 1 of the Conference Event Review HERE.

Returning to their seats, the audience eagerly awaited the line-up of expert speakers who would entertain and inspire us throughout the afternoon.

Speaker 5: Jacqui Jagger, Beyond Boundaries Coaching

Jacqui Jagger speaking at Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference

Jacqui kicked off her session with a bang and lots of laughter. If anyone was worried about nodding off after eating a lovely lunch they were mistaken. 

“I’m taming your mind monkeys through my stories of selling sex toys!” Jacqui said. “That’s the perfect cure for the graveyard speaker shift.”

Once the laughter dissipated, Jacqui asked the audience a simple question.

“Why is money mindset more of a challenge for women?”

She went on to discuss how as women we are at a disadvantage. Jacqui then added the startling fact that women have only been able to open a bank account in their own name since 1975! The audience’s reaction spoke volumes.

The statistics continued to shock as Jacqui talked about the gender pay gap for employed women being 15%, but for self-employed that figure became 43%.

“Do men do 43% more of the work?” Jacqui asked.

The delegates raised the roof with their resounding “NO!”

Money is like Sex,” Jacqui continued. “We don’t talk about it in polite company and when we’re not getting enough we think there’s something wrong with us!”

Our inner mind monkey starts to whisper that we are not doing enough, and not working hard enough. We judge ourselves and others if we want more money and tell ourselves we aren’t being greedy, we just want to earn enough.

Our mindset beliefs are showing up at a much deeper level in these cases.

Bringing her talk back around to sex, Jacqui told the audience about the three types of customers who shop at Ann Summers.

1. Nervous – they offer no eye contact and are often blushing.

2. Experienced – they are open to conversations and confident in what they want.

The difference between these two is where our money mindset issues lie – shame!

Our identity is tied up with what we can or can’t make financially, but you can’t shame yourself into success. A small child has no shame and tackles life full of freedom and with a willingness to explore.

Beating yourself up won’t make you stronger. It will only leave you bruised.

The third type of Ann Summers customer is the Curious. These shoppers are open to becoming experienced. They are intrigued, playful, and open to possibilities. They recognise that this is a shortcut away from shame.

To finish her session, Jacqui asked the ladies in the room to stand up, place their feet hip width apart, and put their hands on their hips.

“This is the Wonder Woman Pose,” Jacqui said. “Use it to find that resourceful state of being to calm your nervous system!”

Speaker 6: Nishi Mehta, CMtalent


As a career and mindset coach, Nishi used her session to talk about knowing and valuing your personal worth. She shared her own story of living a high-powered corporate life in London. When she moved back to the Midlands after losing her dad and being pregnant, she was looking for another leadership role with a good salary and flexible hours but these roles didn’t exist.

Unable to find the role, wage, and hours she wanted and deserved, Nishi set up her own business. Like many of us, when Covid hit, she began questioning her future and what she wanted to do with her life. This reflection led Nishi to explore her core values and personal worth.

When you know your personal worth you’re less likely to let others define you.”

Nishi began helping individuals to find the tools they need to succeed, and showing employers how they can make positive changes to be more diverse and inclusive.

Her closing tips included:

  • Acknowledge your achievements and cultivate success
  • Recognise your strengths and talents and leverage them
  • Set goals and work towards achieving them
  • Spend time with positive people
  • Attend Socially Shared events and network

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” Sophia Bush.

Before the final speaker of the day, we were introduced to Miranda Kihlstrom, a wellness coach specialising in fitness, meditation, and mindset. As an ex 18-30 rep, Miranda talked about losing her identity after leaving her busy job and getting a divorce. She struggled mentally and physically at that time but learned that the biggest issue for most women is their mindset.

“What the mind believes the body achieves,” became her motto as she trained to become a Personal Trainer at 42.

Meditation, visualisations, and vision boards are all tools Miranda recommends to her clients when they are shifting the taboos on mindset.

She shared a powerful visualisation meditation with the audience leaving us with a clear message.

“The biggest person who helps you is the woman in the mirror.”

Speaker 7: Cathy Connan, Psychotherapist

Speakers at Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference

Cathy returned to the stage to ask the audience what they would take away from the day, and more importantly, what they would leave behind.

The entire day had been full of positive energy, noise, and laughter. Many of the speakers shared their personal stories, which had an impact on everyone.

“Is there anything you want to leave in the room?” Cathy asked. “You only have to take home the good stuff so you can tell yourself you are parking that now.”

The interaction was excellent from the delegates with lots of feedback, but the biggest takeaways for most people were:

  • Opinions aren’t fact
  • Get in touch with your curiosity
  • Leave negative people behind and surround yourself with good influences
  • Vulnerability is not a weakness 


And one final thought, “I’m valid on my own. I’ll walk into a room and own it!”


The closing drinks were sponsored by Amy Hobson, The Little Gin and Rum Company


The Little Gin Company at Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference

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By the far the best networking group I’ve been to. Expertly organised, incredibly friendly group with genuine support and the leaders are very well connected in the local business world with heaps of experience. Socially Shared is totally different from other networking groups I’ve attended; it’s whole ethos centres around LEARNING while networking and each session has a themed business topic like ‘knowing your customer’ ‘blog writing’ ‘time management’ etc which are really useful with a handy worksheet with all the tips to take away.” Stephanie Rix, Lifes Work Consulting

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