You may associate endorsement marketing with the big celebrity names that act as the face of a brand you know well. Keira Knightly and Coco Chanel, Gary Linekar and Walkers Crisps are two examples.


How does a sole trader or small business compete with these brands when they don’t have a celebrity in their back pocket? It’s still possible to benefit from endorsement marketing without the glitz and glamour of a big name. Looking closer to home you can get your clients to endorse your business by becoming ambassadors for your brand/service/products.

Did you know: 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all forms of advertising.

Finding your ideal customer who would be willing to endorse your business is worth more than any celebrity status. That ideal client will talk about you and your business when they are at work, networking, and even socialising. That’s a reach that we couldn’t attempt on a limited advertising budget. Looking after your day-to-day customers and ensuring they are happy, well looked after, and listened to adds to the possibility of word-of-mouth endorsements, or positive reviews/testimonials.

There are numerous articles published about celebrity endorsements that go wrong. It’s important if working with influencers that they fit with your core values to avoid the upset of a mismatched endorsement. When starting up in business, we take time to research who our ideal client will be and then target our advertising, sales, and marketing to match. Working with influencers who match your values keeps the integrity of your brand intact.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use social media effectively to share your services and engage with your audience in a positive manner. Work out which social media platform is best for your business. Share and engage with businesses that match or compliment your own. For example; an author may share/collaborate with an illustrator. A dog walker would share/collaborate with kennels or a pet store.

  • Make it easy for your clients to connect with you and leave you feedback.

  • Respond to any feedback you receive (good and bad). It’s imperative to act swiftly if you are faced with a negative situation so you can turn this into a positive.

  • People are four times more likely to buy when recommended by their friends so tap into your social circle for ambassadors.

When thinking about your endorsement marketing needs be sure to ask your clients for testimonials which you can add to your marketing materials. A quote from a well-respected industry leader about your services or products can be just as powerful as a ‘like’ from Alan Sugar on your latest Tweet.



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