Creating Content with Chat GPT for Women in Business

Creating Content with Chat GPT

Time is a precious resource, and maintaining a steady flow of fresh and inspiring content can be a challenge. As busy women in business, it’s essential to find and use innovative solutions that can help you stay productive, organised, and motivated. That’s where Chat GPT comes in. This AI language model is designed to assist […]

Event Review: Socially Shared Women in Business Conference 2023 (Part 2)

Karen Heap hosting Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference 2023

The Socially Shared Women in Business Conference was in full swing by lunchtime where the delegates enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the staff of Ansty Hall, Coventry. You can read Part 1 of the Conference Event Review HERE. Returning to their seats, the audience eagerly awaited the line-up of expert speakers who would entertain […]

Event Review: Socially Shared Women in Business Conference 2023 (Part 1)

Karen Heap hosting Socially Shared's 5th Annual Women in Business Conference 2023

The sun was shining on Ansty Hall Hotel in Coventry for the 5th Annual Women in Business Conference on Friday 9th June 2023. With a packed conference room the buzz began to build quickly as the attendees gathered to enjoy a full day of guest speakers, networking, activities, and refreshments. Karen Heap, the founder of […]

Meet Our Expert Speakers for the Women in Business Conference

Expert Speakers for Socially Shared's Women in Business Conference

With only a few days to go until the Socially Shared Women in Business Conference, the excitement is beginning to build.The complimentary conference programme is printed, the venue is prepared, and the Socially Shared team is looking forward to welcoming the delegates.Have you got your ticket yet? Perhaps you need a reminder of what we […]

Women in Business Conference: Network Benefits

As we approach the 5th annual Socially Shared Women in Business Conference, it feels like the perfect time to talk about the many benefits of being part of a thriving network. As a solopreneur, it can feel like you’re navigating the business world alone. Being an active part of a local network can be incredibly […]

Unlock Your Potential: Mindset Growth for Women in Business

Unlock your potential - mindset techniques for women in business

Running a business requires dedication, motivation, and a positive mindset, but if you don’t embrace a growth mindset then you are at risk of staying small. Your attitudes, assumptions, and core beliefs shape your actions, thoughts, and experiences and impact how you run your business and how your target audience sees you. To unlock your […]

Business Growth: How to Make an Impact

Socially Shared Planting Seeds for Business Growth Blog

Increasing sales and growing your business yearly is the driving force behind every small business owner. To make a living while adding value for your clients or customers is why most of us launch a business in the first place. As most of us quickly realise, business growth isn’t easy. There is no quick fix […]

<strong>How to Overcome Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur</strong>

Young woman experiencing self-doubt

Self-doubt kills more dreams for entrepreneurs than poor marketing or no return on investment. The definition of self-doubt is all about uncertainty and when those self-critical thoughts, beliefs, and emotions creep in it can harm your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you trust in yourself to make decisions and take the required actions […]

The Power of Public Speaking

Public speaking blog post from socially shared business network

Public speaking either excites or terrifies us. Those entrepreneurs who stand up to give talks, speeches, or run events will reap the many benefits. The art of speaking in public is a skill you can learn and develop over time, and the opportunities it provides for you and your business are worth exploring. The ability […]

Women in Business Conference: Meet our Speaker Jo Roberts

Women in Business Conference 2022 | Speaker Jo Roberts

Our fourth speaker of the day is Jo Roberts, a dealer of decorative artefacts and an artist.

We are thrilled that Jo is joining us for the conference and we can’t wait to hear about her
love of decorative arts and unusual items. Jo will be talking about pitching and negotiating,
using her skills and experiences as one of the resident dealers on BBC’s The Bidding Room,
where she battles it out with other dealers to buy items bought by the public.